Monthly archives: October, 2021

Happy Halloween! New J Biz R Trackz LIVE Now On Platformz!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween Yall!!

4 Brand New J Biz R Trackz Are Now Available On Most Platformz. 

“End Game” 

“DOo ETt” Featuring The Sinful Killa.

“Trick OR Treat” 

“Hollow” By The Dark Embrace (J Biz R & The Sinful Killa).

So, To Put Icing On The Cake,.. The Iz A Final Song Set To Drop Tonight At Midnight.

Keep Eyez N Earz On The Artist Pagez!! STAY DENTED!! -J Biz R

Multi Bomb Drop By J Biz R Oct. 29th-Nov. 1st!!


Yes, you read the title correctly.. back to back Brand New songz by J Biz R are locked, loaded and set to be popping off over Halloween week this year!! Below are some of the promo materialz floating around the social media pagez!!  Peep It & STAY DENTED!! -DMP

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END GAME” Available Oct. 29th On All Major Platformz!



“DOo ETt” feat. The Sinful Killa Available Oct. 30th On All Major Platformz!!–the-dark-embrace



“Trick OR Treat” Available Oct. 31st On All Major Platformz!!!


“????” November 1st