Well, the cat iz out of the bag!! 🙂

Today the Official Performer Lineup for the Cannibal House Stage  at  this yearz Gathering Of The Juggalos (GOTJ)  was announced.

JBizR Gotj flyer1

So now We are proud to finally be able to announce that J Biz R will be joined by the homie Da Sniper 614 performing LIVE at this year at the Gathering. For 12 yearz J Biz R has wanted to be an official part of this event. Well, 2019 iz the year that the dream has come true! This iz definately some strait Bucket List shyt right here Yall. Be prepared to witness the best performance ever by ya dented homie J Bizzy, az he hitz this event bringing some LIVE classicz az well az some brand new LIVE flavor. There are also some pretty fresh Exclusive thingz in the workz az well for this epic event. We have an Exclusive T-shirt In the workz that will Only Be Available in Limited Print at the DMP Merch Table From 3pm – 5:30PM on Thursday August 1st, 2019.

The set time iz locked in at 4pm-4:30pm on that Thursday (August 1st).

So, Yall will have the opportunity to hit the DMP Merch Table an hour before, to an hour after the set.

Not only that.. There will also be an EXCLUSIVE cd that will be tossed out from the stage while the set is going on. You don’t wanna miss out on getting your handz on one of these rare/collectible piecez!

We Are Sooo Excited About This Yearz GOTJ!! Keep With Us And STAY DENTED!!! – DMP


For More Ticket’z And More Info, Check Out The Official Gathering Of The Juggalos Site:




Cannibal’s House